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Marketing Analytics

Machine Learning

Data Engineering



We leverage the newest technologies in data management and data engineering to generate economic value for our customers. Our interdisciplinary team members have academic backgrounds from leading universities. They are engineers, analysts, musicians, artists and award-winning academic teaching instructors in digital analytics in Switzerland!


Marketing & Business Analytics

We identify patterns and customer segments to help derive insights to improve customer experience and revenue generation.

Business Intelligence

We help companies implement end-to-end infrastructure for business intelligence and data warehouses while working with the newest tools and technolgies.

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We develop software products to automate complex processes in areas such as hydrology engineering, crypto trading and digital insurance.



Work directly with our senior team and profit from their academic and professional experience for your career while being paid above market rates and performance oriented. Our science-based recruiting process is based on four interview rounds: online application, phone screening, creativity test, take-home assignement (paid).

Working student (Werkstudent/in)

Engineering / Python / R


You will work together with our team to solve challenging engineering tasks ranging from writing scripts, preparing data, researching tools, planning deployment pipelines and developing new ideas to automate processes. You will be involved in projects such as designing crypto data pipelines, scraping Twitter data, designing APIs in Python and thinking about decentralized cloud infrastructure.


Working student (Werkstudent/in)

Business Engineering, Market Research


You will support our management team in customer management, requirements analysis, market research and administrative tasks. You like to play around with data, optimize spreadsheet formulas and write simple scripts that automate repetitive tasks.


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