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Why nodeflow?

All your competitors are using Data Science and Machine Learning to compete with you? Don't miss out about the millions of opportunities for you and your business by using data as your main fuel. 
We help you by building real world business use cases and applications.

Don't miss out

A lot of companies and leaders think about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence the wrong way. 
It's not about who has the most complicated algorithm or model. 
The main question is how can you combine simple concepts into a working business application?

Einfacher ist besser

Don't hire Data Scientists and AI Engineers because Gartner tells you so. 
We help you build fast prototypes to assess which business cases will transform into real competitive advantages and keep you on top of the game.



nodeflow - Business verticals

Interdisciplinary data experts from Zurich and Silicon Valley apply the newest methods in Data Science, 
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve real business problems and enable digital transformation processes.

Marketing & Business Analytics

We identify patterns and customer clusters within your data and help you make decisions and improve customer experience

Business Intelligence

We help you implement end-end business intelligence infrastructure so your data warehouse is ready to be connected with the newest data science,
machine learning and business intelligence tool sets to generate insights

Crypto Finance

We built backtest and experimentation frameworks to quickly test machine learning and deep learning  algorithms for crypto trading. 
We also offer different products such as trading signals and automated crypto data pipelines for 
data scientists


Fast AI Prototyping

With a team of data science experts we quickly prototype solutions for you. The fastest and easiest way to learn when and what type of data science you really need to improve your business

1. Define business problem

2. Explore data sets related to business problem

3. Develop solution prototype

4. Handover and training

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