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Marketing & Business Analytics

Marketing Analytics @nodeflow is all about changing how you think about your business and customers by using Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. We show you how get the most out of your existing customer data, automate marketing operations, allocate your budget to the best performing content and channels and maximise user experience.

Customer Analytics

We help you identify your most valuable segments with data and algorithms. We use clustering methods and RFM (recency, frequency & money) modelling to deliver valuable insights. It is crucial to know your own clients to deliver the right message or product at the right time and place.

To define the most valuable targets and markets we assist you by using state of the art customer analytics models.

Tags: K-Mean, RFM, Clustering, Association Rules

Customer Segmentation

To generate new Customers is always a hard task. We help you creating targeting and retargeting strategies by using user scoring and similar audience modelling. By creating the right segments of your existing customer data base we can then create similar looking segments with the highest acquisition potential

Tags: audience listing, user scoring, similar audience

Customer Acquisition

Defining marketing channels and budget allocation can be a very time consuming and complicated process. There are lots of different ways how to attribute success and budgets. We help you by using your historic data to model diminishing returns and asset attributions to identify you perfect marketing mix.

Therefore we work with concepts such as media mix modelling, shapley values or markov chain models to find your best marketing strategies

Tags: Data driven attribution, media mix modelling

Budgeting & Attribution
Digital Analytics

To identify your most valuable costumers and visitors we help you implement state of the art digital analytics tools, such as:

  • Google Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Matomo (former Piwik)

  • Hotjar

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Tealium

Not only will we work out the perfect measurement strategy with you, we also help you with your technical implementation and maintainig the highest data quality

Tags: Google Analytics, Digital Analytics, Measurement

User Experience

Do you encounter problems with your lower funnel? Are people not using your application as you wish?

Delivering the perfect customer journey can sometimes be a very hard challenge. Therefore we encourage you to test your ideas! One of the only laws of user experience is failing and testing

We help you design and implement user tests to optimize your customers experience and boost your conversion rate

We work with tools like:

  • Optimizely

  • Visual Website Optimizer

  • Google Optimize

Tags: A/B Testing, User Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a very broad match. It can be everything and some say it's just email marketing. We take this field very seriously, because we see a lot of opportunites to grow and learn by helping automating all your marketing efforts.

We evaluate and implement the necessary tools:

  • DMP or CDP?

  • deterministic vs. probabilistic

  • Activation possibilities

  • Artificial Intelligence

Tags: Data Management Platforms, Customer Data Platforms, Automation